Orpheus Looks Back, Holmwood House
20" x 26"
acrylics on canvas

Orpheus was allowed to travel into the underworld to bring back his beloved wife, Eurydice, after she died. With his golden lyre he put Cerberus, the guardian of Hades, to sleep and his singing was so sweet it brought tears to the eyes of the fearsome Erinyes. He was permitted to lead his wife out of the underworld on the condition that he did not look back.

Envisaged in the grounds of the beautiful Holmwood House, this is the fateful moment when Orpheus glances back at Eurydice. She immediately begins to fade...

You are looking at him from the viewpoint of Eurydice.

"Orpheus, she cried, "we are ruined you and I,
What utter madness is this? See, once again,
The cruel fates are calling me back, and darkness,
Falls on my swimming eyes. Goodbye for ever,
I am borne away wrapped in endless night,
Stretching to you, no longer yours, these hands,
These helpless hands."

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Orpheus Looks Back, Holmwood House. 2010, 20" x 26", acrylics on canvas.