Caravaggio in Partick!

For the next six weeks at Cafe Bru, 734 Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow G11 6RD, a major painting I have just completed will be on show.
It shows the re-union of a group of friends (we used to meet up in this very cafe every month!) in a composition based on Caravaggio’s “Calling of Saint Matthew”.

Members of “the cooncil”:

Craig Munro, who coined the name “The Cooncil” and was a wonderful driving force behind the group. Craig died in 2020 of the cancer which meant he had to endure severe disfigurement in the last years of his life.

Professor Willy Maley works at Glasgow University and is a well known figure in literature and the arts. He is an author, playwright, and poet.

Dini Power is also a writer and artist. She has been a teacher and librarian (two of the most important professions) and has worked in the film industry and in editing.

Christina Gallagher worked in pub management and healthcare. She is another driving force in the “cooncil”.

Stuart Christie was a Scottish anarchist, writer, and publisher. When aged 18, Christie was arrested while carrying explosives to assassinate the Spanish caudillo, General Francisco Franco. He was later alleged to be a member of the Angry Brigade, but was acquitted of related charges. Stuart died in 2020.

Allan Tall is a veteran actor, musician, and composer. He has performed in many tv series and has toured Europe with Scottish Theatre companies. Although popular and well loved for his wonderful live music performances, Allan now devotes much of his time to his painting and writing.

Frank McNab, the artist, lived in Thornwood till August last year. Just before he left Thornwood he was in discussion with the Mayor of the Montmartre district in Paris with the intention of creating a link between the two communities and helping to bring Thornwood to the world’s attention as a thriving and creative area.

PRINTS AVAILABLE SOON!! Contact me to order