Tenement Close Productions

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Tenement Close Productions

I am celebrating the launch of my new page dedicated to the wonderful and inspirational tenement closes in our cities! I have been investigating and studying these environments throughout my artistic life. Glasgow City Council has  three of my large major works in its collection and I have produced many paintings now in private collections both here and abroad.


I am offering a service where I will accept a commission to paint a “portrait” of your own close! (just email me at art.frankmcnab@gmail.com)

The common close in these tenements is an extraordinary place. You are neither home or outside. The lighting in some of these toplit corner closes is as awe inspiring as a Gothic cathedral and that strange mixture of public and personal space directs our eyes as we look around. Passing folk on a stairwell can be an odd experience. We are used to seeing others on the same level as us not immediately above or below us. This sometimes has the effect of causing us to avoid staring up at the person coming down or gazing down at those coming up! ”

This is reminiscent of the Hugh Mearns’ poem, “Antigonish”…

Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there!
He wasn’t there again today,
Oh how I wish he’d go away